Thai Cooking with the Professionals

Early on the morning of Saturday 7 November, five Goodwill students and three staff arrived at Bangkok’s Metropolitan by COMO Hotel kitchen – the kitchen shared with the Hotel’s award-winning restaurant, Nahm.

After a tour by Chef Christopher Miller, the Executive Chef, our students put on their aprons and settled in for a serious day of training.

With the help of the chefs, over five hours, each student was trained in cooking her favorite dish – the way the professionals do it.

The next day, it was our students’ turn. They were given freedom in the kitchen to recreate the dish again – and the finished result is what you see in their videos. Recipes are supplied too, so please have a go yourselves. Enjoy!

Why cooking?
Food is at the heart of Thai culture. Social gatherings and special occasions see people gather around steaming bowls of fluffy rice, sweet grilled meat, aromatic soups and spicy salads. This famous cuisine delicately balances flavours of sweet, salty, sour and spicy to create dishes that are known and enjoyed across the world.

In Thailand, sharing a meal with family and friends is an activity to be enjoyed and savoured – never rushed. Cooking is an expression of love. And it is in this spirit that our students have made their favourite dishes for you. We wanted to give our students a chance to tell their stories, as well as sharing a little something of their lives with you.

We hope that you enjoy the videos and the recipes, and that you will have a go at cooking the dishes yourselves for your friends and family at home. Let us know how it goes and please share your creation on Facebook!

This project was made possible with the support of the team of staff and chefs at the Metropolitan by COMO Hotel, Bangkok and Nahm, who kindly accommodated us in their kitchen for two days and donated their time, expertise and supplies.

With special thanks to:

  • Chef Puttipong Jirathun, Executive Sous Chef
  • Chef Prin Polsuk, Head Chef – Nahm Restaurant
  • Chef Sakkarit Klankhetgit, Butcher
  • Chef Settasiri Watchanapornpisan, Senior Chef de Partie – Nahm Restaurant

Cover photo by Aytac Turkay.

Please take a look at our photo gallery below:


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