Make a Donation

You can give a little extra help to a woman in Thailand by making a donation today.

Your donation will fund regular personal and career development workshops. We have so far raised $13,985 USD. Please help us to reach $15,000 USD by the end of January 2016.

You can sponsor a workshop:

  • $5 USD = One student
  • $25 USD = Five students
  • $56 USD = Training materials
  • $140 USD = Whole class (thirty students)

Or, if you can give a larger gift, it will make a huge difference:

  • $260 USD will fund a place for a student for a whole year.
  • $455 USD will sponsor a classroom for a month.
  • $2,730 USD will sponsor a classroom for six months.
  • $5,460 USD will sponsor a classroom for a whole year.
    If you choose to sponsor a classroom for six months or one year, we would be very pleased to recognize your support with a plaque in the class.

We are funded solely by donations, so no gift ever goes unnoticed. Anything you can give is gratefully received.


Thank you very much for your support of the Goodwill Group Foundation. 

If you would like to use a different donation method, please see below. If you donate by check or bank transfer, do drop us a line to let us know, so that we can include you in our final donor list (

For Local Donations in Thailand:
Kasikorn Bank
Park Ventures Branch
Bangkok, Thailand
Account number 7092-308418

Donate by Mail- US Dollars only
Please make checks payable to the Goodwill Group Foundation, Inc.

Send to:
The Goodwill Group Foundation
Attn: Enrique Cuan
28 Jethro Peters Lane
Northborough, MA 01532

Our Federal ID Number is 58-2667052

*Goodwill Group Foundation is a registered 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax-deductible as permitted by US law.



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